About Me

I am a Christian. I am an economist. The second thing is necessarily subordinate to the first. In the process of studying economics at several secular universities, I sought to work out the claims of economics in light of my faith. I made some progress on this at the time and have continued on that journey as a professional economist. This blog is a place for me to continue working through those challenging Scriptures about money and those murky places in our modern economy.

I believe that most material written for Christians on the topic of economics falls desperately short of grasping the whole science. Some common problems include stuff that is primarily secular but sprinkled with a tad of Scripture, and stuff packed with Bible but which scarcely grapples with the economic literature of the past 100 years.

I am married to a wonderful woman (also a blogger!) who stays at home with my four wonderful children. I am a Reformed Christian who currently attends a a CREC church and a PCA church in Indianapolis, Indiana. I work for a management consulting company that focuses on applying socioeconomic research and labor market data to solving organizational problems.